P.Z. Saroglos, like his father, was a great admirer and collector of art. Many works from his collection were bequeathed to the Officer’s Club. These are paintings by renowned Greek and international artists, including Lytras, Gyzis, Doukas, Prosalendis and Volanakis.

Byzantine Icons
His deep religious faith and love for Byzantine art, led this great benefactor, to collect rare icons of the 16th and 17th centuries.

Arms & Armour
Saroglos’ military spirit and love for hunting, led to the creation of a vast collection of arms and armour. Most of the pieces were antiques from around the world, while some were made-to-order.

Ancient Coins
Petros Saroglos’ patriotism and sensitivity for cultural matters, was the driving force behind his collection of ancient Greek coins, mainly from the Macedonian and Hellenistic eras. The collection consists of about 3,200 pieces of rare coins, mainly housed in the Numismatic Museum of Athens. More than a thousand of these items were identified and catalogued by the museum’s research staff under the supervision of the Academy of Athens.

Jewelry Collection, Collection of Wild Animals
Apart from the above collections, this great benefactor bequeathed to the Officer’s Club priceless jewellery, as well as a number of stuffed heads of wild animals.